About Us

RN Bullion is leading Bullion and Jewellery Company located in central Delhi. It is the fast growing and innovative company with a strong appetite to continuously improve and grow. RN Bullion commences its business based on rich experience, trust, innovation, creativity & best human relations. The company represents the third generation family business with 50 years experience.

RN Bullion Deals in Bullion and Jewellery- wholesale & Retail. It offers its customer the most competitive rates and timely delivery. Our Vision is to bring about a new dimension into the Bullion and jewellery business

RN Bullion is the best platform in which we strive to provide the best rates for buying and selling Gold Bars so that you can thrive in the market.

We are specialize in following field:


The core activity of our business involves in Bullions. The operational procedure can be attributed to buying Gold from Banks and selling it to jewelers in domestic market.


We mint gold bars and coins of various weight and purity at competitive as per customer requirement.


RN Bullion is the leader in precious metal refining which does refining by aqua regia. We strive to make the precious metal recycling process flawless, and free from prohibited elements (commonly known by layman- Powder in Gold) i.e. iridium, ruthenium osmium and other platinum group of metal.